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AdF.ly Review 2015: A Legit Way to Make Money Shortening Links

Adf.ly Review
Adf.ly Review

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“Wow! I made some money online.” This was my reaction when I made few cents within a day using AdF.ly. It is impossible to forget that moment because it was the first time I made some money online. That motivated me and since then I have made hundreds of dollars online using many other methods. In this post I am going to present you a detailed review on AdF.ly or commonly called as Adfly. Keep reading because it may become a new online money making source for you.

What is AdF.ly?

So the first question that comes to your mind is “What is AdF.ly?” so let's start discussing about Adf.ly.

Adf.ly is website that pays you money every time someone clicks on your shortened Adf.ly links.
Still Confused? Let me Explain.

Adf.ly is an URL shortening service similar to Bit.ly.
  1. You input a link on AdF.ly. For example “google.com”
  2. AdF.ly shortens it and gives you a links “https://adf.ly/PNDe3
  3. You share the shortened link anywhere on the web.
  4. Someone clicks on your link i.e. on “https://adf.ly/PNDe3
There is twist now. Before redirecting to “google.com” adf.ly will show an ad to your visitor. He had to see the advertisement for at least 5 seconds and then he can continue to your link i.e. “google.com”. 

How AdF.ly works?

However I have provided you an overview of the working of AdF.ly, there are some questions left why adf.ly pays you and how adf.ly itself make money. To make it more clear let us take an example. Think of an advertiser who wants to sell his product or promotes his online business. So he want more visitors to see his business or buy his product: AdF.ly is the solution for the advertiser. Let's check out the complete working of AdF.ly:
  1. Advertiser pays money to Adfly to show his website to visitors of any specific country or the whole world. Let’s say advertiser paid $2 for 1000 visits.
  2. Adfly takes a cut. Let’s say Adfly takes $0.4.
  3. Adfly shows the advertisement (of advertiser;s business or product) for 5 seconds when a visitor clicks on publisher’s links. Publisher gets rest of $1.6 for 1000 visits on his link.
Now you have the complete idea of the working of AdF.ly. Let’s turn to the question “Is AdF.ly a scam?”

Adf.ly: Legit or Scam?

Adf.ly is not a scam; there are several points that prove it.
  1. It was started on 2009. It is five years now as of 2014. Only legit sites can live for so much of time.
  2. According to Alexa, Adfly is among the top 100 websites of the world. Can you ever think of a scam site in the top 100 websites of the world?
  3. It has more than 2 million users registered which prove that adf.ly a famous and legit site.
  4. There are thousands of payment proofs of Adfly on the web.
  5. They always pay on time.
  6. And the payment proof of below proves Adf.y to be legit

Adf.ly Paymnet Proof
Adf.ly Paymnet Proof
Now you should be eager to know more about Adf.ly so let’s continue and check out it's pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of using AdF.ly


  • Fast and Easy Sign Up process
  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy to use and make money
  • Minimum Payout is only $5
  • Daily Payments are also available
  • Many tools are available
  • You can also make money referring others


  • Annoys visitors who click your link
  • Payout rates are quite low for some countries
  • Visitors that visit adf.ly links must have Java Script and Flash Enabled to get publisher (shortener) credited for visits

Payment Methods

Minimum payout is only $5; this means as soon as you will make $5 you can withdraw it.

Payment Methods are:
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer (Bank Transfer)
  • Payoneer (Prepaid Card)
  • Payza
Adf.ly also provides daily payments as soon you will meet the following requirements:
  • Withdrawal Account Set
  • Paid once in monthly payment
  • Account longer than one month
  • Account details not changed in last 72 hours
  • Cashout limit reached: $5

Types of Links

First of all let me explain about types of ads adf.ly provides in their links.
Adf.ly provides two types of ads:

Desktop CPV

Interstitials CPV: This are CPV (Cost Per View) ads that is shown for 5 seconds. Example Link: https://adf.ly/PNDe3

Top Banner CPV: These are CPM (Cost Per Mile) banner ad shown at the top of the website URL you shortened using adf.ly. Example link: https://adf.ly/pd0fh

Mobile CPM

Interstitials CPM: This indicates the money you will get for every 1000 ad views on mobile phones that the visitor has to see for at least 5 seconds.

Top Banner CPM: This indicates the money that you will earn for every  1000 impressions of banners on mobile phones.

Unique and Raw

There are two types of views according to which you will make different amount of money.

Unique: Average amount paid for 1000 visitors in the 24-hour period.

Raw: Average amount paid on the 1st advert view for 1000 link views in the 24-hour period. In this case the views matter not visitors.

Let us take an example to understand it. Let us say that one person clicked on two of your adf.ly links within 24 hour period, this mean that you have got one unique view but two raw views. Raw views pay slightly less than unique views.

Tools on Adf.ly

Adf.ly has many features and tools which can help you to make even more money.

Mass Shrinker: Mass Shrinker is a tool which allows you to shrink up to 20 URLs at a time. It is a good tool if you want to shrink many URLs at a time.

Multiple Links: This allows AdFly to convert ALL of the links on a page into Paid Links. You simply cut & paste the HTML of a page into the HTML box of the tool and it will generate a new page for you.

Easy Link: If you don’t need a short URL and you just want to make money from your blog or website, Easy Link provides you the quickest and simplest possible way to earn with adf.ly:

Replace "www.google.com" with whatever URL you wish the user to go to if they skip the advertisement.

You do not need to even login to adf.ly to use this and your account will be credited in the same way as if you had shortened the link.

If you want the Easy Link with the Banner advertising (less money, but less intrusive):


Note that the URLs above are my easy link URLs. You will get your own easy link URL when you will sign up for adf.ly.

Bookmarklet: It is toolbar that you can install in your browser. Whenever you visit a page online you just simply click 'Shorten with adf.ly!' button in your tool bar and you will get shortened adf.ly link for that URL.

API Documentation: This tool you everything you need to integrate adf.ly links in your applications.

Google Analytics: You can use this tool to see your adf.ly statistics in google analytics.

Full Page Script: If you have a blog or website and you want to convert all your links into adf.ly links, this tool gives you the code for that.

Website Entry Script: This tool allows you to make money every time someone enters your blog or website. First the visitor had to see advertisement for 5 seconds and then he will be allowed to visit your site.

Export Links and Stats: This tool allows you to export your shortened links and statistics so that you can have a backup of them.

Domains: This tool allows you to use your domain or subdomain names with adf.ly service. If your blog URL is http://www.yourdomain.com, your adf.ly links could now look like http://go.yourdomain.com/Ad3g

Pop Ads: If you have a website or blog and wish to earn money when a visitor simply enters your site (even without clicking an AdFly link!), you can use this tool to display Pop Ads.

Mass Delete: Recently adfly added this tool which allows you to delete your links that were created in a given data range. uou can select data range and delete your links at one click.

Plugins: This tool provide wordpress users a plugin to integrate adf.ly on their blogs.

How much will you earn from AdFly?

Adfly Review
Adfly Review: Get Paid to Shrink Your URLs
Now the most important question is how much money can you make from Adfly? At an average Adf.ly pays you $2/1000 visits to your links. But as I said it is an average. From USA you can make as much as $9/1000 visits wile from Asian countries you may make less than a dollar for 1000 visits.

Is it low?

It might be low compared to those get rich quick scams that claims that you can make more than $1000 a day sitting at sofa. Earning real money needs patience and hard work.

I have seen people making more than $50 a day using AdFly. The only secrets are persistent and continuous effort.

Now, I will be explaining "How can you make money from Adf.ly" but before that I recommend you to sign up at Adfly so that you can start seeing few cents in your account within few minutes. Don’t worry! It’s FREE to Sign Up and just takes a few seconds. Let’s see quickly how to join AdF.ly?

How to Join Adf.ly?

Adf.ly Homepage
Adf.ly Homepage

It is quite easy then also I am writing the steps so that even a novice can also join Adf.ly and start making money posting links on the web.

  1. Go to AdF.ly
  2. Click on "Join Now"
  3. Enter you Name, Username and Email
  4. Account type is already by default is “Links Shrinker” so there is nothing to do
  5. Enter Password and complete the Human Check
  6. Agree with terms and conditions (better you read them)
  7. Click on ‘Join’
  8. You will receive an email from Adf.ly to the Email Address you gave while signing up
  9. Follow the instructions given in the email to confirm your Sign Up
The whole process will not take more than 2 minutes.

How to Make Money from Adf.ly?

Best thing I like about Adfly is that even a person that do not know much about computers, internet and other tech stuffs can also make money from it. There is no specific strategy to make money from Adfly. I am going to give you some of the ideas to make money from it but it doesn’t mean that these are the only ways to make money. Be creative to make your own ways to share your links so that it reaches to the huge number of people and they click on it.

In a nutshell, a person is only going to click your links if you have something interesting or valuable to share through your links. Here are some of the places you can share your links. But before you share your links; be sure you have something people want to check out. Let’s start:

Post on forums

Most of the forums allow links in your posts. Find a trending topic that is going to be trending for few months at least (So that you can make money for months). Find forums related to that topic and sign up to them. Find something related to that topic and post on them on the forums. Keep increasing your posts solely (Note: Never spam or you will get banned from forums).You will see your earnings increasing slowly.

Comment on blogs

This is similar to the above trick. Just the difference is that this time you are posting on blogs related to your topic.

Using Social Networks

Social networks are place where people usually share links. Only you have to do is that, find some famous social networks and before posting any link shorten it with adf.ly. But you should take care that a person after seeing the advertisement and skipping the ad, should get something interesting. If he gets something junk, surely he is not going to click your links anymore in the future.

Note: Most famous social networks like facebook, twitter etc. have banned adf.ly links. Don’t worry there are other social networks which have not banned them.

Using Blog or Website

If you have a blog or a website, you can use it to make money from Adf.ly. Just change your outgoing links to adf.ly links or you can also their full page script or website entry script.

Note: I never recommend you to use adf.ly links on professional blog or website.

Refer Others

This can be proved to be the way to make most money from Adf.ly. Only you have to do is to refer your friends, relatives or anyone to join adf.ly and you will make money.

Refer Publishers and you will receive 20% of their earnings for life.
Refer Advertisers and earn 5% commission on every advertising order they make.

Have Patience

This is where the majority of people fail, they don't have patience and give up soon. Also some others think that they will earn very small amount, so what's the use? But the truth is even a millionaire starts from making cents. Slow and steady wins the race, and it applies very true for making money with Adf.ly.

A Short Video from Adf.ly



These are not the only ways; you can create your own ways to make even more money using adf.ly.

If your visitor likes what he get after seeing ad for 5 seconds, it worth his time or else he wasted his valuable time. So never spam adf.ly links that have nothing interesting or valuable to offer all over the web just to get clicks, or you will be called a spammer. I hope you will understand it because spamming is not only a bad practice but it can also have your account suspended at adf.ly.

In a nutshell; make adf.ly account, shorten some valuable webpage URLs and share them on the web. See money adding up in your account. Good Luck!

Note (before signing up to Adf.ly): Don't just join Adf.ly for sake of joining it. I have seen many people who sign up and think that they will get rich within an hour, doing nothing. I hope you are not that kind of person. After joining adf.ly, start sharing your links so that it can reach most number of people. Most probably you will see only cents or even less in your adf.ly dashboard but if you continue, those cents will convert to dollars and soon you will get your first payout from adf.ly.

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I hope this review helped you, if you have questions let me know. Don’t forget to share your experience with adf.ly.

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BidVertiser Review with Earnings & Payment Proof 2015

BidVertiser for Publishers Cover Image
BidVertiser for Publishers

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BidVertiser (a division of Bpath, LTD.) is one of the oldest PPC (Pay Per Click) network started in 2003 along with the launch of Adsense. In this post I am going to give a detailed and transparent review on Bidvertiser so that you can know about the network and can decide whether you should join it?

An Advertisement Network is really important for a blogger if he wants to monetize his/her blog or site. So, do give some of your time for reading this post before making your mind for BidVertiser and if you decide to go for it, then you should must know “How to Make Money from it?” which is explained at the end of the post.

Must Read: What is Blogging? The Real Explanation

Being detailed I have broken the post into following parts making it easy to browse and read.

Table of Contents

Here are the Subtopics of this post:
  1. BidVertiser: Legit or Scam?
  2. What is BidVertiser?
  3. How it Works?
  4. Ad Formats and Payment Methods
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. My Earnings and How much will you earn?
  7. BidVertiser Vs. Adsense
  8. BidVertiser as an Adsense Alternative
  9. Should you Sign Up for BidVertiser?
  10. How to Make Money from Bidvertiser?
  11. Conclusion
  12. How to Sign Up and Setup Ads?

BidVertiser: Legit or Scam?

It is useless to read this review if BidVertiser turns out to be a scam. So first let us check out: Is BidVertiser a scam?

The answers is: No, it is not a Scam. It is a Legit site paying their tens of thousands of publishers in time since 2003.

Here is quick review which proves it to be legit:
  • It is living in the internet for 11 years now (as of 2014). No scam sites lives for so much of time.
  • Its Alexa Rank is around 1000. It indicates that it is among the top 1000 websites of the world.
  • Thousands of Publishers and Advertisers are associated with BidVertiser for years and has good relationship with it.
  • Most important thing which proves that it is not Scam but Legit is the payment of $288.83 (made in 2 months) that Bidvertiser sent me through Paypal.

Here is the screenshot of my payment

BidVertiser Payment Proof Screenshot
BidVertiser Payment Proof Screenshot

What is BidVertiser?

Since now we know that BidVertiser is not a Scam, I hope you are interested to know more about it. So let's go:

BidVertiser is a unique type of PPC (Pay Per Click) network which pays for every visitor that clicks on an advertisement placed on your website or blog and an extra revenue if the click turns into a conversion.

Conversion can be filling up of a form, signing up to a website, buying a product etc.

So there is always a dual chance to make money: one from clicks and second from conversions.

Keep on reading to explore more!

How it Works?

Here is the working of BidVertiser which is again somewhat unique!
  1. Advertisers set Bids for their Ads to be displayed in websites or blogs of some specific category or niche.
  2. BidVertiser checks the Publisher’s site’s (website or blog) category and displays the highest bidders on his/her site.
  3. When visitors click ads, publishers earn money. They make extra revenue if a click turns into conversion.
  4. Publishers get paid at the end of the month!
Note: Publishers will see a constant improvement in their bidding over time, as both their visitors and BidVertiser’s advertisers will be exposed to the opportunity of bidding against each other on publisher’s ad space.

Ad Formats and Payment Methods

Ad Formats

There are many Ad formats for you to experiment ad get the best combination. It includes

  • Medium Rectangle ( 300 x 250 )
  • Vertical Rectangle ( 240 x 400 )
  • Large Rectangle ( 336 x 280 )
  • Rectangle ( 180 x 150 )
  • Full Banner ( 468 x 60 )
  • Half Banner ( 234 x 60 )
  • Vertical Banner ( 120 x 240 )
  • Square Button ( 125 x 125 )
  • Leaderboard ( 728 x 90 )
  • Wide Skyscraper ( 160 x 600 )
  • Skyscraper ( 120 x 600 )
  • Half Page Ad ( 300 x 600 )
  • Mobile Ads ( 300×50 )

Slider Ads: These ads will appear to your visitors sliding from bottom to top with a close button above the ad. Using this can increase your earnings but I do not recommend it for professional sites.

Pop Under Ads: These ads are opened behind the active browser window, and will be shown only once per 24 hour per user. It also can increase you revenue but again I do not recommend it for professional sites.

XML Feeds: You can use XML feeds to displays ads across your web apps like Web Search, In-Text, Domain Parking, Toolbar search results or any other Contextual content.

Toolbar Creator: You may use their Toolbar Creator also which allows you to make your own customized toolbar. You can make your own menu in “My Menu” containing links to your website. Promote it in your website and encourage you visitors to download it. When your visitors download and install your toolbar, what will you get? You will get increased traffic, revenue and user engagement!

Here are the features that you will enjoy with your customized Toolbars
  • Customized toolbar with your own logo - linked directly to your homepage
  • Custom search engine - let your users search the web directly from your toolbar
  • Connect with your users through Facebook and Twitter
  • Add custom buttons and menus with your own content
  • Direct access to international TV stations
  • Let your users share their favorites with their friends
  • Direct access to top YouTube content

Payment Methods

The best thing about BidVertiser is its low minimum payout requirement which gives even new publishers chance to receive their earnings. Here are the payment methods and minimum earnings required for payout.
  • Paypal – Minimum $10
  • Western Union – Minimum $100
  • Check – Minimum $100
  • Wire Transfer – Minimum $10

Pros and Cons

BidVertiser Review: Pros and Cons
BidVertiser Review: Pros and Cons


  1. Signing Up is Easy and Fast. It seems there is no approval process. Your site will get accepted as soon as you will submit it. At the end I have explained “How to Sign Up for BidVertiser?” and start running their ads.
  2. Various ways to make money: Pay Per Click Ads, Conversions, Toolbar, XML Feeds, Pop Unders and Slider Ads. Right combination of these ways can make increase your income by 2X to 5X (I have myself experienced it).
  3. Various Ad Formats: Banners, Skyscrapers, Inline Ads, Rectangles and Mobile Ads.
  4. Ads can be customized to fit the look of your website or blog, by altering the fonts, colors, layout and size.
  5. They provide 100% fill rate and pays for worldwide traffic from almost any country.
  6. Subdomains are also accepted. Subdomains include yourdomainname.blogspot.com yourdomainname.wordpress.com, even warez sites are accepted.
  7. It has also a referral program from which money can be made referring Advertisers and Publishers to BidVertiser.
  8. Minimum Payout is only $10.00 for Paypal. If your account's balance did not reach minimum payout at month end, the balance will be carried over into the next month and paid out once you have earned the minimum payout or more.


  1. Design of website is not attractive. This is one of the reasons that only few people Sign Up to BidVertiser.
  2. Initially Earning is low due to less exposure of your website to the advertisers.
  3. There are fluctuations in daily earnings. You may earn one day $12 but at the very next day only $3.
  4. Ads are displayed according to category and may not be relevant if your niche is small.
  5. It may sometime appear that BidVertiser is not counting some the clicks you get; it is because of their click protection algorithm and fraud detection team which do not count repeated clicks on same ad, invalid or fraud clicks. This is done to ensure that advertisers pay only for real and valid clicks.
  6. Quality of ads is not very good.

My Earnings and How much will you earn?

I am quite satisfied with what I earn from BidVertiser. Here is the screenshot of my earnings:

BidVertiser Earnings Screenshot June 2013
BidVertiser Earnings Screenshot June 2013

BidVertiser Earnings Screenshot July 2013
BidVertiser Earnings Screenshot July 2013

Note: There is increase in my earnings from June to July even after having less page impressions and clicks in July. This is the reason I suggest everybody to stick to BidVertiser to see constant improvement in their earnings over time.

Are you tensed that earnings are too low (compared to Adsense, because it is higher than other ad networks)? Then you should know the reasons behind it.
  1. The above earnings are made from my blog which was based on Games (generally the lowest paying niche).
  2. 85% of my visitors were from India, Pakistan and Indonesia which are again considered as low paying countries.
So it all depends on your niche and country your site is targeted. You may earn 10 to 20 times more from the same page impressions if your niche is high paying and country targeted is USA, UK and Australia.

What are Revenue Points?
Revenue Points or Click Points are a joint measurement of your traffic’s potential to drive conversions to advertisers and additional revenue for you, combined from various campaigns served (CPC/CPM/CPA) and optimized to maximize your revenue. Revenue points are partially updated on real time but are fully updated along with Daily Revenue Update.

BidVertiser Vs Adsense

Every network has its ups and downs; it’s true for Adsnese and BidVertiser also. Let’s see comparison between BidVertiser and Adsense:

Sign Up Process and Approval

BidVertiser: Sign Up process is just as easy as 1 2 3…No Minimum Age requirement. There is No Approval Process. Any website/blog/subdomain/warez site accepted, even newest blogs/sites are accepted.

Adsense: You must be at least 18 years to apply; if you are not, use your parent’s account. Applying is easy but approval is the hardest. Some of the times even professional sites are not accepted.

Fill Rate, Quality and Type of Ads

Fill Rate = (Number of times ads was shown / Total number of page impressions) × 100

BidVertiser: Fill rate is approximately 100%. Quality of ads is not very good. However, it has many ad types which is one of the reason I like it.

Adsnese: Fill rate is 100% in Adsense also. Ads are of best quality. It supports text and contextual ads related to content of site.

Pay Per Click and Earnings 

BidVertiser: Pay Per Click is good but not the best. In some niches it pays really good PPC but some of the time it pays less. Earnings from BidVertiser are decent which is proved from $288.83 that BidVertiser sent me.

Adsense: Pay Per Click is the best, no question about it. PPC is good in most of the niches. You can expect more earnings from Adsense than BidVertiser.

Minimum Payout and Payment Methods

BidVertiser: Minimum payout is only $10. Payment methods are Paypal, Check, Western Union and Wire Transfer.

Adsense: Minimum Payout is $100. Payment method is Check only.

BidVertiser as an Adsense Alternative

BidVertiser as an Adsense Alternative
BidVertiser as an Adsense Alternative

I guess, more than half of you who are reading this post are not getting approval for Adsense or you are banned from Adsense. The previous statement would have been scary if there would have only Adsense as an Ad Network, but it’s not the case. In fact there are hundreds of Ad network other than Adsense to monetize your site and one of them is BidVertiser.

Let’s see why BidVertiser can act as a good Adsense Alternative:
  • It is quite similar to Adsnese as it provides text and PPC ads. The only difference is that Adsnese displays ads according to content while BidVertiser displays according to category.
  • Its Pay Per Click is lower than Adsense but higher than most of the other networks out there.
  • Similar to Adsnese you can customize the look of the ads.
  • It has 100% fill rate and pays for traffic from any country.

Should you Sign Up for BidVertiser?

Should you choose BidVertiser?
Should you choose BidVertiser?

Read the whole review but still confused if you should choose BidVertiser? Then here is help for you…
You should absolutely choose BidVertiser if
  1. You are banned from Adsense or not getting approval for Adsense
  2. You have a new blog
  3. You have your site hosted at subdomain like yoursite.blogspot.com or yoursite.wordpress.com etc
  4. You have warez site.
  5. You are trying to make money from your blog but other networks are not giving good results.
  6. You are experimenting with various ad networks. I Sign Up to various networks just to test. I love doing it.
  7. You want to use additional money generating source for your site.
You should not go for Bidvertiser if
  1. You are approved for Adsense. Though you can use Adsense and Bidvertiser together if Bidvertiser's ads does not look similar to Adsense ads, I recommend to optimize you Adsnese ads instead of adding Bidvertiser ads.
  2. You are very professional. Yes, this point is important, professional here means you care of your visitors very much. It is because some of the time Bidvertiser shows non related ads which may be irritating to your visitors.

How to Sign Up and Setup Ads?

Do you have decided to Sign Up for BidVertiser? Then here is how you can Sign Up and start showings their Ads to your Website or Blog. It is going to be two minutes process, be patient:

Signing Up for Free

  1. Go to Bidvertiser.com
  2. Click on "Join Now – It’s FREE!" button present in the middle of the homepage.
  3. Sign up form will appear. Input your information correctly. Give your best E Mail (Don’t Worry they will not SPAM!).
  4. They will send you an Activation Code to your Email.
  5. Open your Email – Copy the Activation Code and Paste it to the form and Continue.
  6. Your BidVertiser account is Up and Ready!

Submitting Website/Blog

Don’t worry it is going to be a minute process!
  1. Log in to your BidVertiser Account
  2. Click on Manage BidVertisers (here ‘BidVertisers’ refers to Ads)
  3. Click on Add New BidVeriser
  4. Select “Add new BidVertiser under a new domain”
  5. Enter Your Ad Name under your new domain like “Your Domain Name 720×90”.
  6. Enter your website URL
  7. Using 3rd party ad server is optional.
  8. Choose language you have used in your website/blog. Choose correct language or your site may be declined.
  9. Choose your website category and then sub category. Try to be as precise as possible. 
  10. Now the easiest step, Click on “Finish”

Adding Advertisement Code

  1. Go to BidVertiser Center
  2. Select your blog/website
  3. After that ‘Choose Template’ of your ad and click Update
  4. Then click Preferences. I recommend ‘Yes’ for eBay Ads. If you want to monetize your site to next level choose ‘Yes’ for Pop-Unders and Slider Ads also. After choosing preferences click on Update.
  5. Click on ‘Get Ad Code’.
  6. Paste this code to your site and ads will start showing within minutes.

To create more Ads for the same site

  1. Go to Manage BidVertiser - Add New BidVertiser.
  2. Select ‘Add new BidVertiser under an existing domain’.
  3. Enter BidVertiser Title.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Then repeat steps of Adding Advertisement Code discussed above.

How to Make Money from BidVertiser?

How to Make Money from BidVertiser?
How to Make Money from BidVertiser?

Since you have placed ads on your website/blog, you must be curious to know how can you make good money from BidVertiser? Here are few tips that will really help:
  1. Use Rectangle or Banner Ads in between the post. Best places are just below the Post Title or at the end of the post or at both the places.
  2. Also try to place your ads above the fold. Above the fold is place that is visible to your visitor without scrolling down your website. But please do not fill lot of ads there; it will discourage your visitors.
  3. Use their ToolBar and XML feeds ads. I’m not using them now but they can make you some extra money.
  4. If your site is professional, I recommend you not to use their slider or pop under ads. But if it is not the case you may use one of them. They can boost our earnings.
  5. Don’t use more than three ads. Research shows that users do not click on ads if they see more number of ads filled in website/blog.  So, fewer ads can eventually lead to more money.
  6. Experiment your ad positions: Every time my #1 tip may not work. It all depends on the site design and niche. So if one ad position does not work, do experimentation. You may be surprised from the results.
  7. Work on your blog (Most Important): add more content, do SEO, design you blog beautifully and try to increase your visitors. Because more the visitors more will be the clicks and finally you will be making more money.
  8. Be Patient: It is the most important thing, especially in case of BidVertiser. If you would be patient with BidVertiser, it will reward you by giving higher PPC rates and exposure to better advertisers.
  9. Don’t Give Up: You may get depressed some of the time when you struggle to make money. But giving up is not the solution. Try out the above tips more seriously especially #7. Working on your blog and content can do a miracle.


It was a long review, with much information, isn't it? Now we have reached the conclusion. So in all Bidvertiser a good legit ad network from which you can make money. They provide variety of ad formats with have good payment methods as well. Also minimum payout is only $10 from paypal. It is a good adsense alternative and also good for new blogs and websites. So, what are you waiting for?

>> Click Here to Join Bidvertiser Now << Get Instant Approval

Did I missed something in this review or do you have any questions? Let me know! Also don't forget to share your experience with BidVertiser.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Top Link Shortening Websites to Make Money Online

Last Updated: 20 August 2014

Shorten URL and Make Money Sites
Shorten URL and Make Money Sites

While there are many ways to make money online, I believe making money by URL Shortening is one of the best for newbies. Just shorten URL, people click on it and you make money. Quite fantastic, isn’t it? Today I am going to present before you the top legit URL shortening website that you should choose to make money online. I have taken care of many factors before ranking them, like Page Rank, Alexa Rank, My Experience etc. I’ll keep on updating the list when it is needed. Before jumping to the Shorteners I would like to explain the factors on which ‘Top Legit Shorten URL and Make Money Online Sites’ list is based:

Page Rank: Page Rank is the one factor that Google uses to rank websites on their search results. Page Rank of a site can be anything between 0 and 10. Page Rank is generally given on the basis of quality of site and backlinks it has got.

Alexa Rank: Alexa Rank shows the relative popularity of website over internet. Less is the Alexa Rank, more the site is visited.

Payment Time: The list is also based on the time these sites take to make their payments.

Support: Support is obviously a factor that cannot be ignored.

My Experience: User Experience decides the fate of a site. My experiences with ‘URL Shorteners’ is also a factor to list them.

I could have listed 20+ Shorten URL and Make Money Sites like others do, but I have not. The reason is most of these sites are scam or become a scam after few months. I have only listed sites that I have myself used and the sites that always pay on time.

Note: Page Rank and Alexa are changing factors. The information about them provided here was last checked on July 10, 2014.

#1 Adf.ly

Page Rank: 4 Alexa Rank: 146

Adf.ly is the most popular URL shortening website and this is one of the reason it deserves the first place. Adf.ly has over 2 million registered users and gets more than 6 million of clicks to their links daily. They have paid out millions of dollars to their publishers and are continued to grow. They are also the highest paying guys in the industry crossing $9/1000 visits. Getting started is easy and FREE.


  • Easy to Sign Up
  • Most popular URL shortener
  • Highest paying in the industry
  • Pays $0.20-$9.0/1000 visits
  • Minimum payout is only $5
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Payza and Payoneer
  • Pays on time
  • Interstitial as well as banner ads are also available
  • Earn 20% for life referring publishers 
  • Earn 5% for every advertising order that advertisers make.
  • Tools: Mass Shrinker, Multiple Links, Easy Link, Bookmarklet, API Documentation, Google Analytics, Full Page Script, Website Entry Script, Export Links and Stats, Domains Pop Ads.

#2 Linkbucks.com


Page Rank: 5 Alexa Rank: 762

Linkbucks.com is currently considered as second most popular in this arena. Linkbucks also allows Pop Unders and Lockers along with link shortening which makes it unique. It is 5 years old and had paid out millions of dollars to its publishers till now. With Link Locking feature you can make much more money ranging from $0.1 to $10 for each unlock of your links. To unlock link the visitor have to complete a survey or a task. Linkbucks lacks ‘Easy Sign Up Process’ and Simple User Interface compared to Adf.ly or Shorte.st.


  • Minimum Payout is $10
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Payoneer
  • Additional Money Making Opportunities such as Pop-Unders and Link Locking
  • 20% earnings of your referrals for lifetime
  • Pays on time
  • Tools: Single Link, Multiple Links, Full Page Script and more.

#3 Shorte.st

Shorte.st: Page Rank: 2 Alexa Rank: 6124

Sh.st: Rank: 2 Alexa Rank: 489

Note: Here you should consider Alexa Rank of Sh.st as it is the domain used by Shorte.st to short URLs. Sh.st has better Alexa rank than Linkbucks.com means that Shorte.st is becoming more popular than Linkbucks among people to make money online. But I have ranked Linkbucks #2 because of it is paying from 5 years while Shorte.st is comparatively new.

Shorte.st is the new site I joined recently and I loved it. Its interface is awesome and it has some great new tools. It has gain huge popularity relatively very fast. While it does not pay as much as Adf.ly, it looks quite promising. I hope eventually the rates will increase. Sign Up process is lightning fast. You will not able to figure out when you signed up as it takes up 5 seconds. Their interstitial page is also attractive and that will make sure that your link visitors does not hate you for the advertisements they are shown. Shorte.st is a legit site and provides good support. Don’t think twice before signing up to them, you’ll never regret.


  • Attractive look and five second sign up process, you can also sign up using Facebook
  • Very Good and Simple User Interface
  • Pays $0.25-$3.96/1000 visits
  • Minimum Payout is $5
  • Payment methods: Paypal and Payoneer.
  • Tools: Quick Link, Developers API, Website Monetization, Mass Shrinker, Referral banners, Social Share Widget, Wordpress Plugin and Blogspot Comments.

Final Words

If you are interested in making money online by sharing your links, I recommend you to Sign Up at Adf.ly or Shorte.st first as they are easier to get started and have low minimum payout. Making money online is not easy. Don’t think that you will sign up to any of the above and you will start making huge money. You will earn cents but if you continue to share your links over the internet slowly your earnings will add up. If you work harder you could easily make $1- $10/day or even more. Also just reading about making money online will not make you money online. You have to make plan and start executing them. So sign up to any of the above now and start you Online Making Money journey now.

Do you have any question or suggestions, or do you want to share your experience? Feel free to comment, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Shorte.st Review 2015: Another Adf.ly Alternative

Shorte.st: Get Paid to Share Links
Shorte.st: Get Paid to Share Links

>> Click Here to Join Shorte.st Now << - At Lightening Speed

Shorte.st is a comparatively new site becoming popular very, very, very fast. The result of this popularity is that I also signed up for the site and I loved its user interface. Today I am going to write out a review on shorte.st - where you get paid to share your links over the internet. I will also provide you tips on ‘How to Make Money using Shorte.st?’ Let’s begin.

What is Shorte.st?

Shorte.st is a link shortening website based in Europe by young internet enthusiasts which pays you money every time your shortened link is clicked.

This site is nothing different from conventional link shortening sites. Shorte.st says ‘Easy internet earning, Earn even without a webpage’. You can earn an additional income using Shorte.st easily. To know ‘How it Works’ continue to read…

How it works?

Shorte.st works quite similar to any other ‘Shorten Links and Get Paid’ site but it has some twists. I’ll try to explain the working with an example.
  1. Let’s say you like my blog and want to share it with friends but also want to make money doing so.
  2. To make money, you used shorte.st to shorten http://topblogmoney.blogspot.com/ to http://sh.st/rW2WG.
  3. Now you have a shorten link and you placed it over facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. People clicked on your link but they have to see an advertisement for 5 seconds and then they can continue.
It seemed quite easy isn’t it? If you are a logical person, you will ask the following questions.

Q. From where is shorte.st making money?
A. From Advertisers.

Q. Hmm.. But there is no option to become advertiser at shorte.st, Then…?
A. Nice question! While they do not have advertiser’s option, they use some third party advertising companies to provide advertisers. They take a cut and they pay the link shorteners the rest of the money.

Shorte.st: Legit or Scam?

There are many scam ‘Shorten Links and Get Paid’ sites, so any person will have a question, is shorte.st scam or legit?

There are some of the facts that prove it to be legit.
  • They have established their website more than a year ago (as of 2014).
  • Shorte.st has Alexa rank of 6124 while sh.st which is used to shorten links has Alexa rank of 489. So it is among the top 500 websites of the world which proves it popularity and trust. Note that Alexa rank is indication of a site’s popularity over internet.
  • They have ‘contact us’ where you can ask your queries and get fast response. They also have ‘about us’ page where you can get info about shorte.st and its founders.

Shorte.st Payment Proof

Input by Sebasti├ín Fern├índez Moreno (Check his comment below)

Link: http://imgur.com/c1ot3oU

Shorte.st payment proof
Shorte.st payment proof

Pros and Cons


  • Sign Up process is lightning fast. You can sign up using you email or your facebook account within seconds.
  • Best user interface and easy to use
  • Minimum payout is only $5 thorough Paypal and $20 through Payoneer.
  • Pays on time
  • Good eCPM rates
  • 20% earnings of you referrals for life
  • Number of tools for ease of use and increase earnings
  • Good Support


  • Ads are intrusive and frustrating
  • Some of the times clicking on ‘Skip Ad’ opens Pop-Up Ads
  • Payout rates are low compared to Adf.ly

Shorte.st as an Adf.ly Alternative

If you are banned from adf.ly then shorte.st is the choice. However if you are not, I recommend you to continue using adf.ly as it is far better than shorte.st in many respects.

Check Out Adf.ly Review: A Legit way to Make Money Shortening Links

But yes, be it any reason for not using adf.ly, shorte.st is there to help you. Let's see how:

  • As I said before payout rates of shorte.st are less compared to adf.ly, still it is comparable for few countries.
  • Minimum payout of both is just $5.
  • Both support Paypal and Payoneer.
  • Both are legit and pays on time, everytime.


While Shorte.st does not provide as much tools as adf.ly it also has good tools that are quite useful. Let’s discuss them.

Quick Link

Quick Link is a tool that allows you to make any link paid link without having to login to your account. This is best tool if you have to frequently shorten links and to make money from them.

Developers API

This tool allows developers to shorten links on behalf on their account. Software and app developers can benefit from it.

Website Monetization

If you have a website or blog and you want to make money from it using shoprte.st then this tool is for you. This tool will generate a script that you can use to monetize your blog. You can edit the script to include, exclude or set options for Full Page Script, Entry Script and Exit Script. Let us understand them in detail:

Full Page Script

This script allows you to short all links you have on your site. You can use it in two modes: Include domains or Exclude domains. Either you can use ‘Include Domains’ to choose the domains that will earn money for you. When you use it, no other links will be shortened. Or you can use ‘Exclude Domains’ to shorten every link on you site except that you entered in the ‘Exclude Domains’ list. While this can make you money, I do not recommend you to use it in your professional site.

Entry Script

Enabling this script will show an intermediate page with an ad to your visitors. This can also increase your earnings but I never recommend it to use on your website or blog. You can control you entry scripts though following options:
  • Trigger type: You can choose to trigger (open) ad on ‘On Entry’ or ‘On Click’
  • Timeout: It allows you to show ad to your visitor at a specific time.
  • Capping Capability: Using Capping Capability you can control number of ads that will be shown to your visitors in a given time period.

Exit Script

This script is quite unique and even Adf.ly does not provide it. Exit Script monetizes site’s bounce rate. When a visitor comes to your site and leaves your site clicking back button an intermediate ad will be shown. What I like about this tool is that it will not show advertisement if the visitor stays in your site and visits more than one page. This script is better for you than the above scripts if you are visitor conscious. However if you are very much visitor conscious better not use this scripts as well.

Mass Shrinker

This tool allows you to shrink up to 20 URLs at a time. This is good tool if you want to shring multiple links to post. Note: only shrink URLs through ‘Mass Shrinker’ that you will actually use. If you will abuse the tool, it may be disable from your account.

Referral Banners

There you will get banners of different sizes to make referrals. When a person clicks on banner and join Shorte.st they will become your referral. You will enjoy 20% of their earnings for life.

Social Share Widget

This will provide you with a widget that you can add to your blog or website. Now if a user wants to share your blog post or website page clicking on the widget they will have to go through a shorte.st advertisement. This is the worst tool in my opinion. Why? Because, a person wants to share you post and you are creating disturbance to him, what can be worst than this?

Wordpress plugin

If you have a wordpress blog and want to monetize it, this tool can work for you. But again this is going to hurt your blog’s reputation.

Earn on Blogspot Comments

If you have a blogger (blogspot) blog, this tool can make you some money. This tool will turn all the links in your comments section to shorte.st links.

Shorte.st Payout Rates and How much can you earn from it?

As I already said, Shorte.st has low payout rates compared to Adf.ly. Payout Rates range from $3.96 to $ 0.25 highest being of USA.

Now the question is ‘How much can you make from Shorte.st?’
  • Can you make $1000+/ day? Never, only Owners may earn that much.
  • Can you make $100+/day? In rare cases, you may earn that much.
  • Can you make $10+/day? Absolutely Yes, but you have to work hard to achieve that.
  • Can you make $1+/day? This is quite easy to achieve if you work regular.

I gave the above list to present the truth of making money with ‘Shorten links and Earn Money Sites.’

It must have made most of the things clear. Making money is not easy whether it be online for offline. Important thing is that what interests you? If you love sharing links it’s going to be much of fun for you.

In my opinion, if you share few links daily soon you will be making $1/day and after that it’s simple to achieve $5 and then $10 a day.

How to Sign Up at Shorte.st

Now if you think Shorte.st suits you, it’s time to check out how you can sign up for Shorte.st lightning fast for FREE! You can sign up using you Email or directly login to Shorte.st using Facebook.

Signing up using Email

  1. Go to Shorte.st
  2. Click on ‘Start Earning Now’
  3. Enter you Email on ‘Email’ and ‘Email Confirmation’ and then enter your password in ‘Password’ textbox.
  4. Accept ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’.
  5. Click on Register
  6. A Confirmation Link will be sent to your Email. Click on the link to confirm your Registration at Shorte.st

Log In Using Facebook

If you are in hurry of using Shorte.st to make money online you can directly start using it by Log In to Shorte.st Using Facebook
  1. Go to Shorte.st
  2. Click on ‘Log In with Facebook’ option present in the top bar.
  3. A Pop will open to Log In to your Facebook account if you are already not.
  4.  Give the permission Shorte.st requires.
And now you can use Shorte.st to share you shortened links and earn money online.

Note: I recommend you to ‘Sign Up using Email’ as it is more secure and convenient than using Facebook to login which is insecure.

How to make money from Shorte.st?

Now it’s time to check out How to make money from Shorte.st:
  1. Shorten interesting links and share them on Forums, Blogs, and Social Media etc.
  2. Use the Monetization tools to make more money.
  3. If you have blog or website, shorten the links you have to post using Shorte.st and additionally you may utilize ‘Website Monetizaton’ tools to earn even much more.
  4. Be creative; invent new ways to expand your links throughout the web. I believe the the way you will invent will be unique and hence you will get more clicks on your links.
  5. Be consistent in your approach. You can choose any method or invent a new one to make money from Shorte.st, but the important thing is to stick to it.
  6. Refer others to Shorte.st to boost you earnings.
Warning: Please do not spam web with shorte.st links. Post your links only there where it provides some value to visitors when they visit your link. Also never use bot or buy and exchange traffic for increasing views to your shortened links. Abuse of Shorte.st may result in account termination.

Bonus tip: I recommend you to share you shortened links in such places where it will be present for a long time. This will ensure that as you will share more links you earnings will gradually
increase. This way a time will come when you will be making persistent earnings with Shorte.st.

Wishing you to earn good money at Shorte.st

>> Click Here to Join Shorte.st Now << - At Lightening Speed

It’s time to hear from you. Did this review help you? Do you have any questions? Or you want to share your experience with Shorte.st. You are always welcome to comment.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Infolinks Review with Earnings and Payment Proof 2015


Join Infolinks Now - Monetize your Content

Infolinks was the first ad network which started the concept of in text ads to overcome banner blindness and improve engagement. In this post I am presenting before you a detailed review of Infolinks from my experience. I will also be providing my earnings report and payment proof from Infolinks. So let’s start

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is an ad network started in 2007 with the in-text advertising and later started providing many more ways to make money such as intag, infold (previously known as insearch) and inframe. I will be explaining each later. Infolinks is designed to overcome banner blindness. So, what is Banner Blindness? If you are a regular internet surfer you must be ignoring banners on websites, and this is called banner blindness. Intext ads which are contained in the text of blog or website it can’t be ignored easily. Have more questions in  your mind? Don't worry, I have tried to cover almost everything about infolinks in this post. Keep Reading.

How it Works?

Infolinks is a contextual network which targets your content to display ads. Let’s see how it works
  1. Advertisers bid for keywords to display their ads.
  2. Infolinks scans publisher’s blog or website and displays ads for that keyword.
  3. When user clicks on ads, publishers make money.

All the four types of ads which Infolinks provide mostly are shown according to the content of site or the keyword typed by user in search engine before visiting publisher’s site.

Types of Ads

Infolinks provides four types of ads: Intext, Infold, Intag and Inframe. Let us understand them in detail.


Intext Ads
Intext Ads

“Break from convention - advertise inside the lines”. Let us take an example to understand it. Let us say you are reading a post on FIFA World Cup 2014 and you saw a links on FIFA World Cup 2014 Tickets, I am sure you will move your mouse cursor over it, a small ad will appear. These are Intext Ads. As you can see from the given example that how much engaging these ads can be.

Infold (Previously known as Insearch)

Infold Ads
Infold Ads

“Capitalize on user intent - in the right place, at the right time”. Infold only serves advertisements when users visit your site via search engines. Infold looks for the keyword visitor has typed in search engine and display advertisements based on that keyword. When visitor enters your site, after few seconds a layer ad will appear from the bottom of their computer screens. There is a close button which can be used to close the advertisement. Since Infold ads are related to visitor’s queries there is high chance that the ad will provide what user wants increasing Click Through Rate and eventually your earnings. However, it can also be frustrating for your visitors.


Intag Ads
Intag Ads

“Good-looking and smart, too - InTag is the ultimate tag cloud”. Intag scans your website/blog content and find the most valuable keywords and display the keywords in attractive tag cloud. If it does not find right keywords in your content, it shows closely related keywords relates to your content. You can customize the design and layout of Intag advertisements to match your and your site’s need.


Inframe Ads
Inframe Ads

“Broaden your advertising horizon - go beyond the frame”. Inframe advertisements are only displayed if there are unused screen margins left where ads can be shown. It also uses the site’s context to show relevant ads. It can increase your revenue but I do not recommend you to turn it 'on' as it can be very obtrusive for your site visitors.

To view demo ads yourself visit: http://www.infolinks.com/publishers/demo

Infolinks Payment Options

Infolinks Pyment Options and Threshold are:
  • Paypal - $50
  • eCheck - $50
  • ACH (Only for U.S. Bank Accounts)- $50
  • Payoneer - $50
  • Bank Wire Transfer - $100
  • Western Union - $100

Infolinks is Net 45. This means that Infolinks will send payment within 45 days of the end of the month in which you reached the threshold.

Infolinks Payment Proof

Infolinks is a legit site to prove it I have my payment proof. Infolinks paid me $249.91 via Paypal within 30 days of the end of the month (faster than they say). Here is the screenshot of my payment:

Infolinks Payment Proof
Infolinks Payment Proof

Infolinks Earnings

After using few of the famous intext ad network I am feeling safe to conclude that infolinks gives you the highest eCPM possible. Below is my weekly Infolinks earnings screenhot:

Infolinks Weekly Earnings
Infolinks Weekly Earnings

I know many of you are thinking it’s very low but before you come to the conclusion, read out some of the reasons why it is low:
  • The blog from which money is made is Entertainment based blog considered as the lowest paying niche.
  • Major visitors were from Asian countries which are again low paying.
I have some of my buddies getting huge eCPMs on high paying niches and countries crossing $20 sometimes. If you are an adsense publisher then you may not expect it to make more money than adsense but it can considerably increase your revenues.

Infolinks Pros and Cons


  • Signing up is easy and just takes a minute.
  • Interface is simple and wesite is easy to use
  • Approval process takes a day or two.
  • Approve all sites which have sufficient content. They do not allow content that in their opinion can be deemed as negative in nature, illegal or offensive in any way.
  • Subdomain are also accepted i.e. .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com are also eligible for infolinks.
  • You have full control over the types of ads and quantity of ads displayed in your site.
  • You can customize infolinks ads to fit the look and feel of your site.
  • Only one time code integration is required after that you can directly customize your ads from your infolinks account.
  • Inflolinks shows ads related to visitor’s query or site’s content which results in high CTR and more money.
  • They have advertisers for more than 128 countries. So you will be making money from 99% of your visitors.
  • Their eCPM is good and ranges anywhere between $0.40 and $20.
  • They provide many payment options.
  • Minimum payout is $50 which is good compared to Adsense which has $100.
  • Their support is good.


  • Many Intext Ads can harm your site. Visitors will dislike them and they also make your site non user friendly.
  • Infold and Inframe ads can be obtrusive for your visitors.
  • Earnings can be low in certain niches and countries.
  • Earnings stats are quite basic and did not give you knowledge about number of clicks and countries from which impressions/clicks are made.

How to Make Money from Infolinks

Making money from Infolinks is easy just make an account add your site, wait for approval and add the code provided to your website and then customize your ads to match your site. I am giving some of the tips to increase your infolinks revenue.
  1. As I am saying again and again, to make most money from Infolinks, Intext and Intag ads should match the look of your website or blog. It is the most important thing to do.
  2. Use dotted links instead of double lined links for your intext ads. It can boost your earnings significantly and also dotted intext ad look better than double lined ads.
  3. Restrict number of intext ads according to your content. If your posts are generally descriptive you can use 12 intext ads but if your content is less, I recommend you to have intext ads accordingly.
  4. Place Intag ads smartly. Placing Intag ads to the most active part of your site can boost your earnings.
  5. Use high paying keyword in your posts.  If there will be high paying keywords in your post, intext ads will also be high paying, increasing your earnings considerably. However never stuff keyword for that.
A Suggestion: If you are a professional blogger you should not use inframe ads because they are quite distractive. Despite of the fact that infolinks have provided a close button to the ads they can shoot your visitors away. Infold can also be intrusive for your visitors.

What’s Next

By now you must have decided whether you want to join infolinks or not. If you have decided to join you can simply head over infolinks.com. If you are searching for best intext ad network then your search completes here as in my opinion infolinks is the best intext ad network currently.

Join Infolinks Now - Monetize your Content

What’s your experiences with infolinks and how are you making money from it? Let’s discuss in comments.